catch the dragon tiger card with various card layouts

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For playing, many players may not know the rhythm. catch the dragon tiger card Do not know the direction of play, simply saying that is still unable to catch the point of play correctly whether to bet or how to put money If you are an experienced player Or through playing for a bit, there will be understanding and can catch the point, there is a technique More ways and playing strategies Helps players to make accurate bets. such as baccarat formula Of course, every bet Or gambling by catching the cards is not a fixed playing formula. relying only on the rhythm or the opportunity to use the formula which comes from the thoughts and decisions of the players themselves. สมัคร UFABET

The results that come out will depend on the experience and analysis of the players themselves. Because playing Dragon Tiger to win the bet depends on other factors. Along with whether it is a psychology Funds used for betting including capture techniques Dragon Tiger card points or the principle of walking money for various card layouts are as follows

1. Formula for playing cards, waiting for the cutter

In the part of the formula, wait for the cutter. That you will choose to use to play the Dragon Tiger card in that online format. It is another formula that is considered to be very popular for players. The nature of the cards is issued in a combination between ping pong and dragon cards. That have changed parties to switch back and forth. Before changing, it will be at the shirt. Or a longer term dragon, for example, dragon, dragon, dragon, tiger, dragon, dragon, dragon, tiger, next game to choose from, dragon.

2. Dragon Chase Formula

For playing using this formula It’s similar to playing with playing baccarat. It is considered a card reading style that no matter. Which player can catch the rhythm, it is easy to observe. It is the basis of betting on the Dragon Tiger card game. whether it is an old player or new players must know Characteristics of any party consecutively After playing for a while, 2-3 eyes appear, this appearance comes out, then the next eye can choose to stab immediately. But if it is found that the alternating cards are called ping pong cards, it will be another form of cards that we will talk about in the next section. Dividing principle, notice that if any side of the card is out in a row for 3 eyes, in general, most masters will start betting in the 4th, 5th, 6th turn until the cards are changed.

3. table tennis card layout formula

The rhythm of the cards that will be released from that table tennis. Easy to notice It’s an alternate between a tiger and a dragon. Similar to when we play ping pong, hitting the ball back and forth on both sides. You hurry up to stab the garden immediately. For example, dragon, tiger, dragon, tiger, dragon, next turn, choose to bet on the tiger.

4. stick stab formula

Addicted dragon card, how to catch the dragon-tiger card spot What is the time when the cards come out? The next eye will come out the same again. If you see that the rhythm has started, start betting by using the formula right away. For example, tiger, tiger, dragon, dragon, tiger, next turn, choose to bet on the tiger.