‘Conte’ suspicions released to the media alone

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Antonio Conte ‘s future at Tottenham Hotspur is increasingly in question. Recently, he came out to ask questions. I wonder why the executive board is still silent and refuses to come out and clarify anything. Let him face only one face. Given the poor form the team are currently facing,

Conte spoke to the media at a press conference ahead of Thursday’s meeting with Manchester City. Questioning the impact of Daniel Levy, president of the club, that full Why English football doesn’t imitate Italy That executives will be pressured to come out and clarify various issues to the media

Like Fabio Paratici, current Spurs director of football. Who often comes out to speak every week while working with Juventus Including when Conte was in charge,

but in England Paratici rarely answers questions to the media, while Levy rarely gives interviews. Basically, there will only be a “Message from the President” only once a year. The UFABET report

“In England, there are bad customs. That leaves only the coaches who have to come out and speak and explain I’ve never seen a medical team come here to explain why players are having trouble recovering. I’ve never seen a club or sporting director come here to explain a club’s strategy or vision,” Conte said

. Before every game there will be someone from the club who has to go to the press and answer all questions. For us it could have been much better

. Every time someone from only one side came to explain the situation. which I think the management should explain better but like that It’s a tradition here. I respect it.”

Conte added that speaking out from the club would help avoid misleading fans.

“In Italy it’s different, people from the club during the week will come out and speak. Let’s explain a lot of situations. If the coach speaks on one side Sometimes it can cause misunderstandings. I think it’s good for the club to come out and talk to the media. not every week But at least once every 15 days or a month.”

“That way it might be easier for the media to understand the situation. So that you don’t have to meet with the same face all the time. Trust me, it’s hard, because everything you hear me criticizing or saying negatively may not be true.