‘Dalot’ Should be fired-‘Nunez’ Difficult to answer.

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Dermot Gallagher, former Premier League player, confirmed Diogo Dalot, Manchester United back, should have received two yellow cards in a row in the 0-0 draw with Liverpool, but for Darwin Nunez. which argued with the referee as well It’s a moment that’s difficult to answer. Should I get it too?

Sunday’s big match ended scoreless. There was also drama during injury time, with Dalot protesting at Michael Oliver for giving him a wrong throw-in. But got 2 yellow cards within 15 seconds.

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, legends from two clubs, criticized Oliver for not having gone to the extent of sacking Dalot, but Gallagher insists his former colleague did the right thing.

“When you look at the slow picture, United should have been the one to throw in.” The committee member who served between 1992-2007 spoke during the program on Monday.

“But go back to when you saw this moment in real time. I still didn’t have confidence, so Oliver clearly didn’t give the ball the wrong side of the ball.” http://ufabet999.com

“At the same time You can’t behave like Dalot. It’s a bad image that’s been spread all over the world.”

“Whether you like it or not. Here are the penalties the referees have used this season. And that’s why you see so many yellow cards. Being given for arguing with the referee”

The game at Anfield earlier in the middle of the first half had Nuñez knock Jonny Evans down for a foul but he still didn’t stop playing and shot the ball away. Plus he went in and said something to the lineman until Oliver gave him a yellow.

Spearhead “Reds” Still giving a thumbs up applause gesture. Which many parties viewed as being an irony of the decision Should have received a second yellow as well and Gallagher was asked for clarification by the host.

“It’s a difficult moment to answer. Because of this kind of case We don’t have clear principles like science subjects.”

“You told me Dalot shouldn’t get two yellow cards, but two minutes later you wanted Nuñez to get three straight…”

“I don’t have an answer to give. Because no matter which way you choose You’ll say I’m wrong.”

“Under the current football world The referees had no choice. I understand United’s call for Darwin to be sent off, but the referees on the field I didn’t decide to do that.”