History Dragon Tiger Cards has a history after baccarat.

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before starting to play It’s time to get to know more about the Dragon Tiger cards history. The casinos in Cambodia started this game. To solve the problem of traditional Baccarat playing cards. To have a form of betting that is not difficult And improved to a dragon-tiger card game to continue serving to many players who have doubts about playing baccarat, why draw or not draw the 3rd card

Baccarat Dragon Tiger and Dragon Tiger Baccarat after successful improvements Then there was a card game with 1 card on each side to use the points of each card on both sides to easily decide. yes

Dragon Tiger card, betting game story and measure the minds of players on both sides

Dragon Tiger is a gambling game based on a single card showdown. Another meaning is a game in which players will compete on both sides, the number of face cards of whose side is bigger. with the number of cards in our hand that determines the win or loss. สมัคร UFABET

how to play dragon tiger What a Single Card Makes Real Money

In this game will use a total of 8 decks of cards, each deck will use 52 cards (jokers are not used), so the Dragon Tiger table to play 1 Dragon Tiger deck must have a total of 416 cards.

  • Play begins with players placing bets in the board slots on the card table.
  • The dealer will burn one card (draw and draw) before the start of each card deal.
  • Dealer deals 1 card to Tiger and Dragon side.
  • If any side’s score is close to 13 points, it wins.
  • If the points on the tiger side and the dragon side are equal Players who bet on other faces lose half their stake.