Poch asks for time for ‘Nkunku’ call form

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino cautioned football fans not to put too much pressure on Christopher Nkunku and admitted he didn’t think the team’s striker had just recovered from his injury. will come in to save the situation immediately

Nkunku, 26, has had a knee injury since pre-season. Until last Saturday Named to the team for the first time of the season. As a reserve, it was not used in the Premier League game, home win over Sheffield United 2-0

This season, “The Blues” Often encountered problems with the decisiveness of the score. Until finishing in 10th place, and many people hope that the striker worth 52 million pounds will come to change.

“The thing I’m worried about is Putting too much pressure on Nkunku.” Pochettino interviewed before the midweek match against Newcastle in the Carabao Cup.

“Some people might say that when Nkunku comes back he will change everything. Until now we win every match”

“I don’t believe that such a thing will happen because still needs time to adjust his feelings.”

“I also hope Nkunku can start tomorrow, score a hat-trick and keep up that form.”

“But the most important thing. We must not put too much pressure on him and let Nkunku find his way. Adapt to English football and the team that has been competing without him for 4-5 months”

“Nkunku It hasn’t even made its debut in the Premier League yet, so we have to be careful. You already know the non-league players. How difficult are they encountering? When moving to England”

“I saw better things from Nkunku compared to before the last match. So it’s more likely that tomorrow he’ll be involved, maybe for 20 minutes.”

Real striker Nicholas Jackson has often been criticized and Pochettino has been asked further about his playing position with. Nkunku

“Some people may not think like this. But we still have both Jackson and Broya who are completely complete.” Head Coach of Argentina Give the answer. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

“Nkunku Can play both forwards as well. But he can still be positioned as a wide receiver. and attacking midfielder”

“During pre-season we used in several positions for analysis. But during his disappearance for several months The team has changed a lot.”

“What everyone expects is when Nkunku is perfect both physically and mentally. We will be able to figure out where and how he can help the team.”