Vamosss..’Hoijlund’ reveals the moment ‘Kase’ snatched his shirt collar.

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Rasmus Hoijlund has revealed how he was ripped off by Casemiro in his shirtless encounter with Arsenal at the weekend.

Hojlund got the opportunity to debut in the second half of the game where the “Red Devils” lost to Arsenal 3-1. Young

Hoyj’s performance impressed the “Red Devils” disciples. “Many people after he came on were involve in the game and threatened the Gunners’ defensive line with constant work throughout his time on the pitch. ทางเข้า

It wasn’t just Red Devils fans who were impresse by his performance. Casemiro was another who appeared to be impresse by the youngster. After being picture grabbing him by the collar and yelling at him in the game

. Kase said something in Spanish ‘Vamos’ or something like that,” Hoijlund said

. “

Hojlund made his Manchester United debut off the bench at the Emirates Stadium. As the Red Devils fell to a dramatic late defeat.

During his 23-minute cameo, Hojlund was approache by Casemiro.

The Brazilian was seen trying to fire up the Danish forward by grabbing his shirt. With fans loving the moment on social media.

“He’s maybe a little more technically strong and looks down the gaps where I like to take the fights.

“After all, he hasn’t seen me play before, so he told me he was pleasantly surprised to see me play.”

He’s probably more technical than me and looks for spaces that I like to attack.”

“After all, He had never seen me play before. He told me that he was surprise to see me play.”