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What can be caused by sleeping a lot?  

In addition to behavior or fatigue in daily activities Sleeping a lot or spending too much time sleeping. There may be other conditions that cause you to feel tired body. Even though you get more sleep than the average person, such as  In addition, too much sleep

Properties of bitter melon.

The claims about the medicinal properties of bitter melon. How true or false will it be? Some studies and medical evidence have proven various aspects food as follows: Bitter melon and the treatment of diabetes. Controlling blood sugar levels is a way to treat diabetes. UFABET 

What are the health benefits of almond milk ?

In addition to the nutritional value Some scientific studies have researched the health benefits of almond milk in various areas as follows: Low in calories. Almond milk is 65-80 percent lower in calories than cow’s milk. A 240-ml cup of unsweetened contains 30-50 calories. While

Causes of tooth decay.

The main factor that causes tooth decay is bacteria in the mouth. Which will react with the food eaten and causing the tooth destruction process in the following order. Formation of bacterial plaque on the tooth surface. The mouth is home to a wide variety

Leipzig hunts for life ‘Sancho’

It is reported that RB Leipzig, a famous club from Germany. Interested in signing Jadon Sancho, Manchester United’s forgotten attacker. Sancho has been detained indefinitely. Since issuing a statement in response to Erik Ten Hag. After the Dutchman said he did not train well enough

Kevin De Bruyne comes back to practice

Manchester City gets good news as Kevin De Bruyne returns to training again. While the club is preparing to compete in the FIFA Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia The Belgian star trained at the King Abdullah Sports City Complex on Monday night. Along with

Poch asks for time for ‘Nkunku’ call form

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino cautioned football fans not to put too much pressure on Christopher Nkunku and admitted he didn’t think the team’s striker had just recovered from his injury. will come in to save the situation immediately Nkunku, 26, has had a knee injury